Wesoorb - Water Absorber & Soil Regulatory

Our country is due to geographical location, water levels at the top of the list of countries is strapped. Drought and global warming in the years ahead will be one of the most affected countries. Water, source of life of all living things. However, decreasing with each passing day the world and especially our country's water resources are disappearing or are unusable.

Turkey, 72% of water resources in agriculture, 18% of domestic use (drinking and purpose) and the Industry at the 10% portion is used.
Preventing the loss of ground water irrigation in agricultural production we can provide the maximum benefit and get more efficiency from production. In this direction, our company, irrigation, fertilization, however, reduce energy and labor costs to increase efficiency in production, R & D activities in collaboration with universities and the private sector need to complete the WESOORB 's produced.

Agricultural products are used in a similar area for many years in developed countries.


wesoorb1• WESOORB, full of the fine powder of particle size 0.2 mm. 400-600 times the volume of water is capable of holding their own WESOORB, combined with water becomes a hydrogel. The soil remains active for an average of 4 years. Water absorption rate of approximately 2-5 minutes.
• WESOORB, is a completely natural potassium-based compound has a structure of a cellulose.

Wesoorb2• WESOORB, hormones and heavy metal-free, non toxic.
• WESOORB, plants, soil and does not harm human health.
• WESOORB, -60 º C until the water trough, in early spring and late autumn frost prevents the death of the seeds germinated.

Wesoorb3• WESOORB, degraded soil, the annual rate of 10-15%. After the loss of property was destroyed by microorganisms in the soil returns to nature.
• WESOORB, active (gel), and completely under the soil is left exposed to the sun but should be used.
• WESOORB, neutral pH, or has a (pH = 7.12).
• There is no toxic effect of WESOORB.


Wesoorb4• İncreases soil porosity and reduces drying of soil.
• The plant needs a moist soil environment.
• Reduces soil water evaporation.
• İmproves soil structure and prevents erosion.
• Prevent contamination of surface and underground waters.
• Very hot and dry climatic conditions allow the plant to grow.

Wesoorb5• Irrigation, labor, fertilizer, seed costs and energy usage.
• Water consumption from 2 to 5-fold saving.
• Excessive fertilization prevents the damage to soil.
• 30-50% reduces the consumption of fertilizer.
• Crop yield increases.
• Improves plant quality.

Wesoorb6• Afforestation is not needed for the seasonal conditions.
• WESOORB, -60 º C until the water trough, in early spring and late autumn frost prevents the death of the seeds germinated.
• The root of the nematodes and fungi in the fight against pests are active.


• Using WESOORB in soil, to increase the soil water-holding capacity.. Sandy, national, clay or humus soil environments, such as providing water-holding capacity increased.
• Low rainfall where the soil by creating a semi-hydrophobic shell of the water flowing over it go without having to penetrate into the causes of soil water feature to migrate and be lost.
• WESOORB use, prior to the acquisition of the land has become unsuitable for agriculture.
• WESOORB prevents soil erosion.
• The permeability of surface soil and increases the use of WESOORB more rainwater in the soil to be held.
• WESOORB 's use of the base erosion and water permeability decreased by 94% to 15%, 84% of phosphorus in the soil, nitrogen 83%, less than 57% of total sediment were lost. Thus, reducing the use of fertilizers in agriculture.

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Figure-1 uğratılmış soil erosion (gr/ m³) Figure-2 surface water loss (l / m³)
(50% erosion) (85% of the surface flow)

Figure-1 individual liters of soil by applying 2-3gr WESOORB soil erosion can be reduced by 50%. Tightness of the soil reduces soil and water in this way WESOORB increases the speed of transition. If rain water passes quickly, the soil, less water flowing WESOORB goes with the application. Means to reduce erosion is to preserve the top layer of soil. The best structure in the top layer of soil, the more air, organic matter and plant nutrients to preserving the best root development.

Figure-2 laboratory to create the open field conditions, rain, rainfall simulator was established. Tap water from a height of 7m 1m² surface rainfall kinetic energy of natural rain fell with a similar energy. Plastic containers (30 × 45 × 10cm) filled with 10.8 liters of soil to create the 8 cm layer. (Packages drainage were available.)